Ostomy Fashions

Unspoken Rosebud has done it again, created beautiful stunning Ostomy Bands

& Pouch Covers.

These are handmade to order.

Jersey material that is 100% organic

Mens line is now available, I'm so excited.

These products are super suppetive, stylish & comfortable.

Ive looked for my 13 year old some bands. We started with the belly bands from Arnold Palmer Hospital, then cutting tanks tops and useing the bottoms. We even found hair rurbans at Walmart last year, two for $3. In the end she stayed with active sport bra's. She would cut the straps but still left uncomfortable bumbs from.the seems.

When I seen these bands the sky opened!

I just had to get a hold them.

I wrote a letter & in 5 days had inventory to offer all you. Quality products made by a super talented designer who also suffers from condition such as yours.

I encourage you to try one.

Extra hide a pocket is available in a few designs.

Log in and register at www.mojosmoves.org

Msg me from inßtant xhat and I will give you 15% to the first 30 who have successfully registed. And this 15% is yours to keep for as long as your a member.


Stay Safe

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