Six Months Later

Its unbelievable really as I sit here writing this, it's been 6 months since we launched Mojos Moves.

Just a little less than 2 years ago we (my girls & I) were on the brink of homelessness and losing everything.

Crohn's/Ulcerative Colitis is difficult enough but shake it up with a single mom of 3 struggling waitress let me tell you it's pushes to the limit.

My mother swooped in and gave me back something I thought was lost forever, my

Belief in myself. Do what I always did best and bring people what they want, need and give them a smile.

Mojo's Moves has several different shops, it's a testimonial of what we struggled through and how we used every day products and launched a website that offers a little of something for everyone.

Giving up wasn't an option and I hope that if you don't find what your looking for you'll support us in our journey and list something of your own here. I'm always available by email, txt or instant chat in the website. Leave your number and I'll call you back. I'm always looking for great products.

Thanks to all the visitors and new site members. Your support means so much!

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